Te Miha

This Māori pronunciation resource guides the Priest through each part of the Mass, as indicated by each title.

A CD has also been produced and is available from Deacon Danny Karatea-Goddard, Tūranga Māori, Archdiocese of Wellington. P: 04 496 1755, E: d.karatea-goddard@wn.catholic.org.nz

Pronunciation Guide | He Tātaki Whakahua

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Mass Settings | Whakaritenga Miha

Chanting the Maori Mass

All Chant settings and Music arranged by Richard Puanaki, may be used with permission, with acknowledgements to the Tawhiti a Maru Marae Whanau and to Eileen Barrington for the transcription. Click on the links below for PDFs of the chant settings.

E Whaki Ana - I Confess

Kororia - Gloria

E Whakapono Ana - Apostle's Creed

He Tapu - Holy, Holy

E Te Ariki - Acclamation 1

I A Matou - Acclamation 2

A CD of this Mass setting is available from Richard Puanaki. email rpuanaki@xtra.co.nz


Sunday Readings in Māori & Sermons

The Sunday Readings in Māori are available from Pa Mick Ryan (see contact details on the right). Each week consists of two A4 pages: one is bi-lingual the other is totally in Māori. You may add your name to the list of those who receive an email copy every week containing the following Sunday's Readings in both Bi-lingual and Māori formats.

The texts used are from HITORIA POTO NO TE KAWENATA TAWHITO ME TE KAWENATA HOU A TO TATOU ARIKI, issued in 1909 as the official Māori text for the Catholic Māori Mission.
CONTEMPORARY ENGLISH VERSION issued by the Bible Society.

These Sunday Readings are available FREE OF CHARGE – ta te Māori – HE AROHA.
If you want to get a large number of these, then a donation to the TAMAKI MAORI MISSION is welcome $10 for the Sunday Readings and $5 for the A5 size Māori-English Mass Booklets, to defray the costs.

The sermons from Pa Hoane Dijkman MHM on the Sunday Readings are originally taken from the Whanau Tapu Parish Newsletter.

Pa Mick Ryan

7 Westminster Road, Mount Eden, Auckland 1024, New Zealand

Sunday Readings | Tuhituhi Tapu Rātapu

RÄTAPU TUATAHI O TE RENETI - First Sunday of Lent (Year B)


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Sermons | Kauwhau

11 Pepuere 2018 - 11th February 2018

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The Sacrament of Penance

This leaflet on the Sacrament of Penance has been compiled by Pa Ryan.  These karakia are used at Te Unga Waka Marae by those helping children prepare for their first Confession, prior to their First Holy Communion and for adults who want to refresh or renew their participation in this sacrament. 

Te Rūnanga o Te Hāhi Katorika ki Aotearoa

Te Rūnanga o Te Hāhi Katorika ki Aotearoa is the national body established by the New Zealand Catholic Bishops Conference to advise the bishops on the pastoral care and evangelisation of Maori, and to foster understanding and communication within the Church on matters pertaining to Maori pastoral care.