In Times of Trial around Sexual Morality

"It is in the dark of night that the light of faith shines purest in our hearts"
- St John of the Cross


It is time for all Catholics to reflect on the choices we make and to pray for those most in need.

Let us Pray:
We pray for perpetrators,
that they may seek help.
Help them to relinquish their need to exert power and control.

We remember current victims
whose lives are filled with fear and uncertainty.
Those who are trapped in the psychological cycle
of violence and abuse,
hope and false love.
We ask that you give them a new vision.
Guide them with your wisdom to make sound choices
that will lead to new life.

We give thanks to those who dedicate their lives to providing
education, shelter, and support.

We pray for Pope Francis 
as he courageously shepherds the church.
As we seek to heal past hurts
and address the harm caused by the church's ministers
and others in leadership,
may we listen sensitively,
act justly,
and walk humbly and honestly with one another.


Please find here resources for times of trial around sexual abuse from the Federation of Diocesan Liturgical Commissions.
See also Holy Hour For the Purification of the Clergy and Ministers of the Church, and In Reparation for Sins Against Chastity and the for the Abuse of Clerical Power.
The ACBC Day of Prayer and Penance for Victims of Sexual Abuse resource is also an important document to visit: Click here.
ope Francis wrote to the church with these words: Click Here
In addition the Auckland Diocesan Liturgy Centre have published a great resource in the June edition of Liturgy. Click here to view the resource.

Cardinal John Dew encourages us to pray:
"For our Holy Father, Pope Francis, and all shepherds of souls.
May they help us to look upon our loved ones as God does,
and recognize in them the image of Christ our brother."

"And that the light will show the way to the renewal of the Christian life in the years ahead"
- Pope Francis


- The Reverend Angela F. Shepherd, Women's Uncommon Prayers
- Cardinal John Dew's Newsletter, Issue No. 183
- Good Shepherd Balmoral Parish