Mission Sunday 18 October 2020

On this Mission Sunday let us live in solidarity and love by supporting the Church in her missionary work globally and locally in churches, hospitals, schools and vulnerable communities. 

The theme of Mission Sunday 2020 is ‘Here I am, Send Me’ (Is 6:8).

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Mission Reflection

The participation in the Mission of God is a universal call. A person who brings goodness to the world is one who responds of this truth. The bringer-of-good-news is graced by God. It presupposes that one has an openness of heart and mind ready to be surprised – only to be able to make things beyond one’s own expectations. A person with a missionary heart is one who marvels on the goodness one has done at the end of the day.  St Paul, in our Second Reading, cites the reason why and how one can be a productive instrument. “We know, brothers, that God loves you and that you have been chosen, because when we brought the Good News to you, it came to you not only as words, but as power and as the Holy Spirit and as utter conviction.”

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A detailed Sunday liturgy has been prepared for you HERE

Prayer is at the heart of our mission. It is our window to the heart of God. May the Most Blessed Virgin Mary, missionary-disciple of her Son Jesus, continue to intercede for us and sustain us.

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More Information

Visit missioNZ website for more background information HERE

Contact Fr Bernard Espiritu SVD National Director of missioNZ -The Pontifical Mission Society in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Background on the chosen theme for 2020. Fr Bernard writes:

The theme of Mission Sunday 2020 is, "Here I am, Send Me." It comes from the Hebrew scriptures where Isaiah was invited to participate in making real the dream of God for his people. This is Isaiah's way of declaring his willingness and readiness to encounter the surprises that life offers to create something new with God on his side. It is very much interrelated to the phrase Pope Francis coined at the beginning of his papacy: missionary disciples.

"Here I am Send Me."