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welcoming parish book

A Welcoming Parish – book

24 short chapters address most of the key areas of growth and also of concern in today's parish.

A Welcoming Parish pamphlet cvr

A Welcoming Parish – pamphlet

This checklist offers parish leadership some concrete, practical criteria and descriptions of how a welcoming parish might look and feel.


Guide For Ministers of Liturgical Environment - Pleroma

This new guide in the Liturgical Ministry series, is effective for training those new to the ministry and for rejuvenating the work...

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How to Lead Children's Liturgy of the Word - Pleroma

This booklet provides a primer on children's Liturgy of the Word for those who are leaders of children's Liturgy of the Word...


Guide for Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion - Pleroma

Guide for Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion, Second Edition Corinna Laughlin, Kenneth A.Riley, Paul Turner.


Explaining the Lectionary for Readers - Pleroma

This book tackles the questions most frequently asked by Lectors.