Mass Settings

When the ‘ordinary’ parts of the Mass, those texts, which, with some variation, are part of the Mass on a daily basis, such as ‘Lord have Mercy’, and the ‘Gloria’ are set to music, they are described as “Mass settings”.

Throughout the history of the Catholic Church, these are the prayers that composers have felt compelled to set to music in order to celebrate the different seasons and celebrations in the life of the Church. Mass settings composed for funeral liturgies tend to be both solemn and sombre. Mass settings composed to celebrate the Easter joy of the Resurrection are filled with jubilation.

In 2011, New Zealand received a revised English translation of the Prayers of the Mass. New Zealand composer and internationally recognised musician and teacher, Douglas Mews, was commissioned to write a new Mass setting for the New Zealand Church. He gifted us with the Mass of St Theresa.

Preferred Mass Settings

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The Mass settings of preference for use in the Church in New Zealand are:

The Bishops are also pleased to announced the approval of more Mass settings by local and international composers for use in New Zealand. These can be found in the related resources - click on the red related resources icon above.

Ordering and Distribution System

Pleroma Christian Supplies works in conjunction with the National Liturgy Office to provide a convenient, user-friendly and one-stop shop for the purchasing of the new Mass settings.

You will be able to order these Mass setting online on via phone.


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Powerpoint Resources

Some people have been experiencing difficulties with viewing correctly the pdf of the Mews Mass. This is because of the version of Adobe Reader that is installed on your computer. Either update to the latest version of this software or contact me and I will post out a hard copy.

Trilingual Mass

Mews Mass

Mass Texts

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Trilingual Mass

Mews Mass

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Mass Texts

Roman Missal Chants

The International Commission on English in Liturgy (ICEL) has prepared chants for the Parts of the Mass that are based on familiar Latin chants

Missal Chant Mass Setting

  • The Bishops of New Zealand request that the ICEL Missal Chant Setting be used for Advent 2010.

  • Please find below the texts and the audio files (mp3). These can be either viewed/listened to online or be downloaded to your computer.

  • A CD is being prepared and will be available through the dioceses.

Chants for Good Friday

Missal chant for Good Friday - the music notation

  • The Solemn Intercessions
  • The Showing of the Holy Cross

Chants for the Easter Vigil

Missal chants for Easter Vigil - the music notation

  • Lucernarium
  • Exsultet (Longer Form) - a recording
  • Exsultet (Shorter Form)
  • Baptismal Liturgy
  • Litany of the Saints
  • Blessing of Baptismal Water
  • The Renewal of Baptismal Promises