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Explaining the Lectionary for Readers - Pleroma

This book tackles the questions most frequently asked by Lectors.


Guide For Ministers of Liturgical Environment - Pleroma

This new guide in the Liturgical Ministry series, is effective for training those new to the ministry and for rejuvenating the work...

welcoming parish book

A Welcoming Parish – book

24 short chapters address most of the key areas of growth and also of concern in today's parish.

thewayoffaith book cvr

The Way of Faith – book

A Field Guide for the RCIA Process, Nick Wagner.

book livingliturgy

1. Liturgical catechesis – "Living Liturgy" book

Liturgical catechesis – uses the Sunday Liturgy as a basis for catechesis

Book: 'Living Liturgy'
by Joyce Ann Zimmerman, Kathleen Harmon and...

book foundationsinfaith

2. Lectionary based or biblical catechesis – "Foundations in Faith" series of books

Lectionary based or biblical catechesis – reflection on the Sunday Scriptures

Book: 'Foundations in Faith' (series of books)
by Duggan, Gura et al
Published by...

book eucharist

5. Mystagogical catechesis – "'Eucharist!: An 8-Session Ritual-Catechesis Experience for Adults" book

5.Mystagogical catechesis – is reflection based on the communal celebration of the sacraments of initiation.

Preparing to Receive the Life of God

An article on RCIA Catechesis in the Period of Purification and Enlightenment from the Association for Catechumenal Ministry.