NLO Quick Guide 17 - June 2018

Ordinary Time 

Ordinary Time has resumed. Read more…  It is time to renew our commitment to serve with love and integrity.  Several new resources encourage us on our mission.

Rejoice and be Glad

Pope Francis is out to call all of us to holiness “in a practical way for our own time.” The exhortation bears the unmistakable stamp of his style and his personal holiness. In remarkably accessible language he declares there is no one path that all must follow, but that there is a universal call. He offers the examples of biblical characters, of numerous saints both familiar and little known. He speaks of the influence of mothers and grandmothers. Rejoice and Be Glad – A Call to Holiness from Pope Francis.

Te Rūnanga Website Refreshed

Te Rūnanga Chair, Sister Tui Cadigan commented, “the refreshed site is a wonderful resource, which forms part of our mission to better reach and stay connected with Māori and the wider Catholic Community. It is our hope that this website will be of assistance to those who are working with Catholic Māori in the area of faith and spiritual formation.” Te Rūnanga Website

Finding your way around the NLO Website (

To find resources for Days of Prayer on the National Calendar go to the home page:  click on the yellow box entitled Liturgical Calendar. Use the ‘Jump to’ Menu to click “Resources for Days of Prayer”. Scroll down to current days e.g. 17th June – Day of Prayer for Refugees and Migrants or 8 July – Day of Prayer for Seafarers.

Catholic Liturgical Heritage

Where Your Treasure is There Will Your Heart Be Also: Catholic Liturgical Heritage, Architecture, Art, Artefacts. 6-8th Feb 2019 Melbourne ACU Campus.


Christian Initiation Australia Network have prepared an extensive winter newsletter
- Enjoy the articles
- Register for the conference (October 2018)
- Be informed about recent publications

Receiving Holy Communion with Reverence

Recent letters in local catholic newspapers and magazines make it timely for us to review just how reverently we prepare ourselves, our children and new Catholics to receive Holy Communion

National Centre For Religious Studies (NCRS)

Encountering the Divine
This is a small collection of encounter stories written by people in Aotearoa NZ. There are fuller descriptions and introductions in the foreword of the document and on the host web-site.

Faith Journey
Resources to share and grow your Catholic faith as a family. "Laudato Si" - Our Common Home

New Publications:

Revised New Jerusalem Bible: New Testament and Psalms with study notes, prepared and edited by Dom Henry Wansborough OSB. Available from Pleroma Christian Supplies Freephone 0508 988 988

Grace: On the Journey to God, Michael Casey, Monk of Tarrawarra. “Grace is so common that we rarely notice”, so how do we find grace in discontinuity, in desire, even in temptation? $30.50 + postage Available from Auckland Diocese Liturgy Centre Email:

War and Terror, Peace and Hope: Reflections on Solidarity and Compassion, Archbishop Anthony Fisher O.P., Archbishop of Sydney, Australia. A collection of homilies and talks preached at liturgies following fesh acts of terrorism and violence. $18.50 + postage Available from Auckland Diocese Liturgy Centre Email:

A New Mercy Prayer Resource, Inoi Taketake: Prayers for Stepping Forward. Contact Cheryl Connelly rsm. Email: $10 plus postage


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