NLO Quick Guide 13

Day of Celebration for Mother Aubert

The Sisters of Compassion and the New Zealand Catholic Bishops Conference have announced the first Sunday of October as a day of celebration in New Zealand for the Venerable Suzanne Aubert, the founder of the Sisters of Compassion. For more information go to

Kaupapa Māori

Kaupapa Māori provides key markers for use of Māori text, images, music and Māori perspective. The document was prepared by Deacon Danny Karatea-Goddard to ensure the distinctive identity of the Catholic Church in Aotearoa New Zealand with its Māori dimension present in liturgy. Look out for a printed copy of this document in the September edition of the Liturgy magazine produced by the Auckland Liturgy Centre.

This document can also be found here.

‘Order of Christian Initiation of Adults’ New Zealand: future rebranding

The texts of The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) are currently being revised and are to be given a new name, The Order of  Christian Initiation of Adults (OCIA). The OCIA still comprises all the different Rites that we are familiar with. The title is simply a useful change in language that better describes what the ritual book contains.

David Haas Workshops in Dunedin, Wellington & Auckland

David Haas, composer of liturgical music, will be presenting workshops in the Dioceses of Dunedin, Wellington and Auckland between 11th and 15th October. Contact your local Diocesan offices for further information.

Matt Maher in Auckland for Aotearoa Catholic Youth Festival

Internationally recognized musician in contemporary Christian music, Matt Maher, will be present at this year’s Aotearoa Catholic Youth Festival in Auckland over the weekend of 2-3 December 2017 at St Mary’s College, St Mary’s Bay. The Festival will include keynotes, workshops, interactive experiences and more. Hosted by the New

Zealand Catholic Bishops Conference, the Festival is aimed at young people between the ages of 15 and 29 years old. Matt will also be performing a public concert at the Victory Convention Centre, Freemans Bay on Sunday 3 December. For more information go to

Consecutive Feast Days, December 2017

From time to time, one major liturgical feast immediately follows another accompanied by the question of which celebration has precedence on the evening they share in common. A related issue concerns the Mass obligation when two obligatory days fall one after another. This relatively rare occurrence applies to the fourth Sunday of Advent 2017, followed by Christmas Day on Monday. In order to celebrate each Holy Day as fully as possible the following recommendation is offered:

  • 23 December – Saturday evening – of 4 Advent.
  • 24 December – Sunday during the day – of 4 Advent.
  • 24 December – Sunday evening – of Christmas.
  • 25 December – Monday – of Christmas.

Some useful resources:

Social Justice Week – 10th-16th September 2017 
Caritas Aotearoa New Zealand have produced materials for this year’s Social Justice Week with the theme ‘Weaving bonds of belonging: Knowing our neighbours’. Resources include Liturgy notes, a reflection brochure on Pope Francis’ Laudato Si’, and posters. These are available for download at

‘Formed in Wonder, Love, and Praise’ blog post
This blog post in the Church Life Journal explores various questions about liturgical music, such as why does music have such a great impact on our liturgical celebrations and what formation do musicians, parishioners and diocesan leaders need around liturgical music? The blog post can be found here

Week of Prayer for World Peace leaflet
The Week of Prayer for World Peace will be observed in New Zealand between 15th and 22nd October. The New Zealand organizing committee has produced a leaflet that includes prayers, readings and affirmations from many faiths to be used each day. For more details and to order leaflets email

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